Bucs Coach Dirk Koetter Doesn’t Endorse McCoy as a 2017 Pro Bowl Selection



Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Dirk Koetter took to the podium today for his press conference and he did not seem to be pleased to be there.  Koetter reported that Robert Ayers and Doug Martin were cleared from concussion protocol but TJ Ward is still under the watch.  The Bucs head coach when pressed to give his sense of how he wanted to handle the split of playing time now that Martin was returning at the running back position and Koetter’s curt reply was “yeah, I have a great sense of it and I’ll let you know Sunday at one o’clock.”

Cameron Brate’s red zone success was credited to Mike Evans being doubled inside the ten yard line.

Koetter seemed particularly sensitive when questioned about the fact that his team was not running the ball very well.  One reporter pressed him to explain why none of the three one hundred yard rushing games in the last two years were attributed to Doug Martin.  Koetter wanted to stress living in the present and said that the lack of success was not solely on one guy.  Clearly evident was the coach’s frustration when he questioned the reporter as to what his answer was to the lack of a consistent running game.

DK had no answer to the question as to why his team’s defense played better at home than on the road.

The subject of ranking Gerald McCoy this season and the possibility of his third pro bowl selection was posed to the coach and he did not give a resounding endorsement of his defensive tackle.  Koetter went into a detailed explanation as to how he dislikes choosing participants for the honor and never really came out and supported his player. Koetter said he doesn’t have the benefit of watching all 32 3-technique players in the league.  Koetter said quote, “how he (Gerald McCoy) stacks up against the other three techniques, there’s at least 32 of them other than 3-4 teams, uh I don’t know the answer to that”   The follow up question narrowed it down to the 12 that Koetter had faced and his reply was “yeah, he’s right up there.”



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